Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rapper Rick Rock Arrested For Marijuana Possesion

Rick was in Lousianna when he got arrested for having 1 gram of marijuana on him. The most surprising part of the story is that he only had 1 gram on him. You'd expect a rapper to have no less than a quarter ounce on them at all times.

The police were apparently alerted to the smell of pot coming out of his hotel room. Rick Ross, real name William Roberts II, will have his day in court soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The King of Limbs from Radiohead Promotes Great Music Culture

The digital release of Radiohead's newest album, The King of Limbs, showed fans that the band is still all about the music. You get the feeling that Radiohead is really comfortable with their ability to make music, but still feel that they have to bring honesty and creativity to every track.

The physical release will revolve around two clear 10 inch vinyls and some awesome artwork. In their approach to everything from recording, touring, and even to their innovative release style they show great respect for humanity's relationship with music.